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Branding, Websites & Media Design. All things digital.

With over twelve years experience working with digital media. My experience working with large and small clients coupled with my marketing background make me the optimal addition to your business. I'm available for contract work or service ID's if you're in need of part time contractural work from a professional. If you're looking to add someone like myself to your team or corporate environment please get in touch!



Value is either monetary or an unseen service or product that brings value. I'm here to try to save you money and also deliver incredible products and service.


Over the course of the past two years the importance of a strong website has significantly grown. Now a "html/static" website with lack of contact, hours, reviews etc might not cut it in your given industry.

I fit into your companies digital strategy because I can help you build a strong, effective marketing tool base from your website through print, digital, and more without the overhead. Fluent in the adobe creative suite I'm here to help you reduce overhead and deliver professional agency level results.

Step 1

Client Meeting

Client discussion
Discovery meeting (google meet/zoom etc)
Gain an understanding of your existing footprint

Step 2

Strategic Evaluation

Analyze the current environment
Outline and identify areas of improvement
Detail strategic business plan
Discuss marketing strategy and how things work
Digital brief/brand guide and style outline

Step 3

Scope & Project Outline

Clearly define deliverables
Agree on process & rollout
Align deliverables with marketing program

Step 4

Build & Execution

Digital assembly of project
Dev & Live build setup and tested
All database optimization, caching and third party tool integrations

Step 5

Business Planning

Deliverable discussion
Forward support strategy & maintenance programs
Support and CNXT integrations / discover


Why is hosting important? Well for the following reasons primarily:

  1. Eliminate Downtime
  2. Support (The difference is in the quality)
  3. Cost

If you have a website that you expect to drive conversions, sales, inquiries etc its critical its up the MAXIMUM amount of time. I can help set you up for success, align your DNS information and domains.

I will help you align with a host/hosting package that meets your expectations and needs as a business. Don't be oversold on packages because code requires streamlining or dns issues are keeping your usages in check. I do not personally host my clients, rather I work with hosts like whc to ensure high quality hosting applications are provided to my clients solutions.

All things WordPress

WordPress is hands down my favourite architecture to work with when it comes to assembling client's websites. I also work with joomla, shopify, prestashop, magento and a few other platforms.

There are themes that cost $25 then there are "websites" with themes that cost $3000 and greater. The $25 themes you can purchase come with cookie cutter solutions, imports that have bare minimums and pdfs or html handbooks on "how to" setup.

If you're looking for that kind of solution and budget, I suggest themeforest they have an excellent assortment of themes for various markets.

On the contrary if you're looking for a setup thats unique, a professional managed solution that meets your demands and offers you zero stress I'm your ideal business decision.  I will take your design, your ideas and your concept and build it into a fully functioning website that either your team can manage or I will manage for you.

  • Atlas

    Atlas is a custom theme framework I've created. It serves as the catalyst, the foundation for which I build clients websites. Atlas is a flexible codebase I've written to accommodate and assortment of website designs. I can remove, add, or adapt wordpress structure/components.

  • Custom Theme Build/Design

    A custom theme is the manipulation of the Atlas codebase to meet the needs of the clients website ideas. I use this codebase as the foundation then adapt content layouts, css classes and other design elements built using Beaver Builder.

  • Installation & Updates

    I can do complete fresh builds without automated tools on your host to install such as scriptaculous etc. I can do restorations, updates to core code architecture and plugin installations etc.

  • CNXT Dashboard Integration

    Coming 2022. A plugin that connects my clients web services directly with my client portal.

Marketing Consulting

Consulting in my case is generally for clients seeking educated advice on website, digital media or marketing material direction. I am here to help you define an avenue focused on your target market and consult for a best course of action.

  • Marketing

    Product & Branding

  • Promotional Material

Digital Design

I design, setup and create all the inDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop files clients require. I'm here to work with teams directly project to project and also to maintain your digital documents long term through my business solutions.

  • Branding

    Logo Design
    Identity Branding

  • Business Stationary

    Business cards
    Promotional Elements
    Tradeshow Media

  • Digital Media

    Monthly digital ad supply/edit/updates and delivery
    Sell Sheets
    Door Hangers
    Interior Branding Materials

  • XD Prototyping

    Digital experiences built with Adobe XD

Business Solutions & Management

Coming soon.

I code
I design
I execute.

If you're looking for someone like my to join your team, lead a project or help you strategize please use the following section.


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