I use a select group of plugins to power your website.

Building a website is not just about clean code, its about plugin integrations and using premium builds to achieve quality and consistency.

I come across an assortment of clients year over year who've run into hosting companies who do "custom wordpress themes" and get your website up and running perfectly and all the rest of this jazz. However the fact of the matter is 90% of the sites I've run across have a themeforest.net theme (which is a great solution if you're on a budget seeking a professional look and feel) however they cannot be called custom developed themes.

These themes often come with either their own form of drag and drop tools or a list of plugins you have to install, maintain and pay for additionally over the years which can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars if support is paid for and used.

My themes come with annual feel purchases which make maintaining your expenses and understanding the logistics and costs of your website easy.

How I'm unique from other freelancers or small web development companies.

When I embark on a build with a client be it a migration or a complete site build we will use a base theme framework I've written and developed called "Core". This theme will serve as the foundation for your new website's architecture which we will build and customize via Beaver Builder's drag and drop page builder tool.

I use this tool for an assortment of reasons the first being code output. Alot of mainstream drag and drop plugins inject all css and js elements directly into your page and load in the entire asset library. Now if you care about load times this should concern you. I do my best to optimize your website from the front to the back ensuring a fast, accurate page load each time.

I build balanced, sustainable responsive websites that are designed to be easily maintained by either yourself or me. If you choose to work with me I offer grade A service, response time and updates in 24HR periods.

The mix of plugins I use is consistent on all my builds with a base implementation. Alternative and additional plugins will be tested individually to ensure they do not break, influence or affect the site functionality.

My base plugin set include:

  • Security
  • Speed / Caching
  • Content Delivery
  • Customer Acquisition & Conversion
  • Data Collection
  • Page Builder


  • Core code updates
  • Lower costs
  • Consistency
  • Flexibility for client
  • Compliance
  • Faster Development Time

Ready to get bb on your wordpress website?

If you're looking to upgrade and get a premium web solution contact me us we can work together to get a custom theme designed and implemented with a self sustaining platform for your businesses team. If not I'll fully manage your website for a conservative and affordable price.