Why I am Durham regions best choice for WordPress websites or website requirements. Did I also mention Marketing?

There are so many avenues when selecting a business partner to work with on digital media. I'm hoping that I can help educate a few people with this article.

Building a website is actually quite complex. There are three pillars to a good website they are as follows:

Themes & plugins

I have learnt over the years that building a high quality website requires a foundation thats scalable and secure. That requires a few various components that I'll work out with you when we work together.

The most important part of your foundation is the hosting package. I steer clear of shared hosting packages and several hosting "providers". We will embark on journey that takes you to 99.99% uptimes, no 500 errors and emails that aren't blacklisted because of "bots" that spam from your site.

I build security into the WordPress facing side and the domain side and the server side. These three areas are essential.

In January 2020 I am offering FREE consultations to Durham Businesses looking to improve, migrate or review their existing website. I will review your existing installation, hosting package.

If you're a new business looking to get started I highly recommend doing your research on Linkedin & Google. I work with clients that are large and small, I'm a flexible business and I'm knowledgeable in deploying functional and reliable business cases.

After locking down a strong foundation we will begin prototyping your build, discussing how the design and look and feel are to be and of course creating a staging area if you desire.

Ready to get bb on your wordpress website?

If you're looking to upgrade and get a premium web solution contact me us we can work together to get a custom theme designed and implemented with a self sustaining platform for your businesses team. If not I'll fully manage your website for a conservative and affordable price.