Jason Yochim

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I believe in organization, prioritization and focus. I strive to build solutions for clients that solve their individual needs with a universal and modular approach. In achieving this we build a sustainable relationship where both parties benefit and clients receive a scalable platform where they can leverage a professional at the dial of a number or email.

I understand the world is moving into a digital era where websites, media and how we communicate, connect and share content is rapidly evolving. Either companies will be on the cutting end of this technology or the trailing end and I'll be here to support both waves.

My passions are #cars, #hockey and building WordPress websites. I absolutely love building professional quality websites for clients and watching them be deployed and successfully leveraged. Not only does it bring great joy to me personally but it makes me happy to see other people succeeding and my role in organizations who hire me is to provide technical and professionalism without the overhead.

I personally manage all projects, builds, designs and updates. I have limited space available to clients and would encourage you if you're thinking of it to engage in a digital ID before they are gone.

Invest in yourself.


Udemy - Full Stack Developer Course
05/01/2020 - Certificate of completion

Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems
Enrolled and currently working on part time.

Seneca College - Business Administration Marketing
06/07/2009 - Graduated with advanced diploma specializing in brand stream.

Codecademy AngularJS Course
02/10/2019 - Completed course

Education is important don't get me wrong but world experience and real life exposure brings individuals into situations books can't prepare you for or solve. The individual I personally would hire is the one who can take theoretical understanding and apply it to real world application and I feel I not only possess such capabilities but do an exceptional job at exactly that.

The world is going digital.


Revised portfolio coming soon.


Vileda Professional
Basics Office Supplies
Financial Fitness
Karl W. Richter
D'Arcy Jenish
DM Langley
Langley Plumbing Ltd.

My clients get full attention.


Freelancing is a complicated highly competitive world. It's challenging to communicate pricing variances without overwhelming clients with technical jargon so I'm going to do my best to outline why you should choose me as your "bolt on" to your business.

As a digital business my expenses lie in my softwares (Adobe Suite, Mailchimp etc, hosting, domains etc) also physical hardware (Apple's, PC etc) so I can test, build and help clients trouble shoot on an assortment of browsers. I do not use stolen or "ripped" software it is all legitimate registered software so when you work with me you're supporting my business and I appreciate that.

Secondly hourly rates, I strive to stay away from rates and use a project by project work scope. Why? The honest truth fairness to all parties involved. A clearly defined scope is agreed upon by both parties and the project is completed and billed. If additional requirements come up through they will be quoted and added to the scope process.

I am not the cheapest option, but I am authentic and fully registered. Clients that work with me expect professionalism, consistency and most of all performance. I promise your web solutions will function as they should, 99.99% up times, eco conscious hosting solutions and a lot more.

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Newcastle, ON