Biography Jason Yochim

I'm a marketing graduate who excels in learning code based languages and currently work for General Motors Canada as webmaster for public relations, media websites and I'm an experienced project manager and designer focusing on improving clients digital environments and solutions. As a "techy" person I enjoy learning about EV's given my background with flight and drone's its a natural fit.

I love modern design, clean architecture and modular systems because they take less time to maintain and work in simplistic ways. I encourage you to continue scrolling this page for more information on myself!


I am a hardworking, enthusiastic person with drive and ambition to better myself.

Looking for a new employee? Feel free to email me the job description information I'd love to hear from you.


Education is important don't get me wrong but world experience and real life exposure brings individuals into situations books can't prepare you to solve. The individual I personally would hire is the one who can take theoretical understanding and apply it to real world application and I feel I not only possess such capabilities but do an exceptional job at exactly that.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computing and Information Systems

    Enrolled and currently working part time on completing.

  • AEM Front End Developer Cert

    I am working with GM to get my AEM front end developer certification. I hope to accomplish this by EOY 2021.

  • Udemy - Full Stack Developer Course

    05/01/20 - Certificate of completion

  • Codeacademy AngularJS Course

    02/10/19 - Completed Course

  • Seneca College - Business Administrative Marketing (BAM)

    06/07/09 - Graduated with advanced diploma specializing in brand stream. Won student handbook competition design campus wide in 2009.


The following are resources for employers and head hunters to use.

Resume 3.3.21
  • Vileda Professional
  • Seneca College
  • Basic's Office Supplies
  • DM Langley
  • Langley Plumbing Ltd.
  • T2UE
  • Karl W. Richter Ltd
  • STO Direct
  • SupplyTech
  • Financial Fitness
  • CL Landscaping


If you're looking for someone like me to join your team, lead your project or help you strategize and compete please use one of the following to do so.

I am the kind of employee you want. I am loyal, hard working and responsible. I am an excellent leader and have worked with executives to first years. I excel in fast paced high stress environments and bring exceptional organizational & management skills to the table.

Most importantly I am a fast learner, pro culture and unbiased in my decision making. Further to that I have a sensational need to further my personal skill sets and continually train myself annually.

I believe in organization, prioritization and focus. I strive to build solutions for clients that solve their individual needs with a universal and modular approach. In achieving this we build a sustainable relationship where both parties benefit and clients receive a scalable platform where they can leverage a professional at the dial of a number or email.

With COVID-19 your business requires an exceptional website and digital media to reach your target market.

At an early age I took interest to creating business focused assets and have won a few awards for design.

I personally manage all projects, builds, designs and updates. I have limited space available to clients and would encourage you if you're thinking of purchasing a service ID to do so sooner then later as I often fill up.

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