When using template building tools such as Elementor, Beaver builder etc you can build structural elements and set them to global. A global asset is something that propagates to all other areas it exists when you edit one item. I use global templates and assets as elements or items that I want to quickly and efficiently change to multiple areas on the site all at once.

Areas like headers, footers, menus, etc are places that I deploy global assets. The reason I do this is the elements exist all over the website, they are always the same and why should I waste time modifying page after page after page when I can simply edit the single global template and it will flow into all respective areas.

Why I use beaver builder?

I love beaver builder, they did not pay me to say that nor do they reimburse me for any promotion I do in regards to there product. However, very few building tools offer the control, load time speeds etc that Beaver builder does. The way that I compile my clients sites is through a custom coded/developed theme that’s designed to increase load times, remove known issues and an assortment of other things. Additional to my own code there are assortments of plugins that clients desire. To accomodate those plugins you really need to understand how, why and what’s happening behind the scenes.

Beaver Themer

Beaver themer is NOT a theme for Beaver builder (BB). It’s important to know the difference between a theme and plugins and a page builder. Beaver themer sit’s inside the BB page builder enabling you an assortment of custom options pertaining to headers, footers, archives etc.

Why don’t I just use Beaver Builder’s theme?

The honest truth is there are many reasons. The BB theme is based off Bootstrap which is great for some people. However for me this isn’t a great options as alot of the sites I build require custom solutions and I potentially might have to alter the source code or remove bootstrap, thus I stick to writing my own code.