This tool will help you discover what you paid for.

Alot of clients I work with have a) over paid or b) been provided with a solution that is half hacked/deployed without the depth of knowledge needed to provide further direction, thus overpaying.

If you're just curious to see what you paid for, or why your sites performance might be poor this is what you need.

My site assessment tool is designed to help educate you on a few facets. Speed, codebase / theme & cost reduction. Almost all clients I work with overpay for something they might not need due to fear of cutting off a service that might break your site.

What do I assess after I get your information?

I build websites that are optimized for clients. So I assume that is part of others services packages as well. This means themes like divi, elementor, WPBakery etc load in tons of bloat or code that not every single person needs loading on their website. When you do a speed assessment these consume your first bytes to load (TTFB) and effect your site performance without you even knowing it. Once I analyze your site I'll provide a few speed test results to help you gain an understanding of how your sites performing to visitors.


One thing that infuriates me is when businesses charge you upwards of $5000 and toot "custom built website!!" and the source code reveals that they are using another developers $35 themeforest theme without being transparent to the client. 

With the information you provide me with I'll spend an hour combing your plan and looking at the hosting environment. I will let you know what theme you've got installed, what version of WP you're running and if there is a bunch of out dated items requiring updates. Core updates to wordpress are essential as they include security patches, code updates and issues found by the WordPress team.


One of the most important areas I focus on is costs. I use expensive hosting for my website (Kinsta) and I use cheaper alternatives for email & other tools that I develop for client etc.

Cost reduction

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If your website is down, suffering from issues of having other problems feel free to reach out to me via this form. I can help you resolve your issues and get your company back online quickly and efficiently. I have one spot left for my monthly service plans so first come first serve!

I am for hire.