News Sucuri security & cdn performance.

The following article will outline my experience with Sucuri and its platform for CDN & Security Pro package.

Security Security for your website.

If you're looking to add security and a cdn network to your website, and considering Sucuri I can help.

The past few months we've been building out the clients new website.

  • Any business website should have security running on their build.

    It's no secret that wordpress is a targeted platform. Given there are 75 million websites built on this platform it's no surprise. Sucuri gives you a security system outside of the wordpress dashboard to monitor and manage your security.

  • CDN from a trusted source.

    Delivering images, css, js, html, minified content to your website from various outside severs is the key to speeding up page loads.

CDN Delivery Fast, efficient and automated.

Up to 3x faster a page loads! 

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  • It sure is FAST

    Given that they have security and CDN working inherently together this setup works very well. Setup was easy and within a half hour or so everything was setup and running without dns editing or cname editing. 

  • Is it worth it?

    Yes. Honestly, this made a HUGE different in page load times with my client T2UE. Not only did it speed the page up by 3x or more but they are happy they can manage the solution outside of WordPress given the way their business structure is built.


How I feel UI and UX can be improved in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry is evolving. This industry landscape typically plagued with a laggard type adoption rate for technology is now dramatically ramping it up. Here are my thoughts on UX/UI and consumer interface designs.

Coming soon.

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Coping with COVID-19's global impact.

Preparing your business for a new kind of digital era.

Given the unfortunately circumstances with Coronavirus (COVID-19) a lot of businesses are being faced with some challenging adversities and some even deciding to close their doors indefinitely.

A lot of smaller businesses do not have the agility or resources to employ or staff a full time employee dedicated to modifying their websites, digital assets etc and I understand the considerable overhead of such an asset.

During this unfortunate time I will be working full time and hard to accomplish and push out all client and new client requests for help and helping clients achieve a new level of digital service offerings to their existing and new coming business.