September 19, 2019 / 9:24PM

The best way to reduce bounce rates is optimized speed and page load times.

Knowing that there is a 20% decline of web traffic when you're website is over five seconds of load time as an owner or manager you should see the value immediately in a custom solution. Cookie cutter websites might look great and have fancy animations etc but a poor host, dns setup etc can load so slowly that you're intended audience doesn't even get to see those animations due to them leaving before anything has loaded.

I can't stress enough to clients how profound an impact a good host, clean dns setup and domain registrar information can have on your businesses digital experience.

Code Architecture

The key to working with me is how the code is assembled. My code base is flexible enabling us to optimize assets that load on particular pages. I'm not just talking about minifying css,js,html etc. I'm talking about code bases for components, assets and modules.

Such as my home page, it loads in all the required JS for special scrolling and tween animations etc. However those same files are not loading on my services page. The code architecture is actually different from each of those pages I have two completely unique templates deployed.

When I develop a clients project my understanding of their businesses process, procedures enables me to optimize their WordPress solution. Such a minor difference like removing guttenberg because the client doesn't use it shaves off hundreds of milliseconds. Together my objective is to work with individuals or management among my clientele tailoring their backend experience to optimally work with their processes.

CDN, Caching & Content Delivery

If you've worked on WordPress or themes or other drag and drop builders you know that the second you "deactivate" that theme the custom inline short codes used to make the page look the way it does remains behind in your data.

With Beaver Builder this does not happen. You deactivate the tool and your data appears clean and code free. This for me is great for transferring sites, keeping clean databases and of course keeping things easy for a client.

Wrapping things up,

To end things off working with Beaver builder is simple. There is a clean front end building experience for clients where what you see is what you get and this results in a positive and confidence inspiring experience.

I do recommend maintaining your files and paying annually for the licence as updates are frequent and code is kept immaculate. I'm very impressed with BB and have deployed over 10 sites this year alone using it.

Ready to get bb on your wordpress website?

If you're looking to upgrade and get a premium web solution contact me us we can work together to get a custom theme designed and implemented with a self sustaining platform for your businesses team. If not I'll fully manage your website for a conservative and affordable price.