Review domains:

The following domains now required extended support and you’re prob paying for it:

Honestly all your websites/ webspaces are extremely dated. Regalgroup hasn’t been edited since 15, snafoola is dead, matrix is dead, supplytech is broken flash is no longer supported etc. A few of these sites have vulnerabilities because of the data code, the only way to fix it is to remove or update the code base and updating isn’t worth the time as if these projects haven’t been touched since I left they are so old the codes unusable.

I’d suggest a few things.

  1. Any legitimate business you run should at very least have a up to date site that in some way generates you either leads or revenue.
  2. All dead sites/domains I’d at this point let them expire and clean up their webspaces/delete what you don’t need its just a potential security threat being there.
  3. On sites you have, SSL lock them.
  4. I’d move all the PHP versions into the 8.0 range as thats the current version
  5. You’re showing 2 web space packages – Web hosting business [Contract ID: 71086613] + Expert [Contract ID: 44193955] (thats all the info they supply.) There is nothing on the web hosting business plan, do you need it?
  6. I believe that was where the HUD ran if not I can’t remember if it was a local install but identify that first so we can evaluate what to remove.
  7. There have been

Notes & Information

Meeting on Feb 15, 2022 @9am with Alex/Arul – Bill Alex for 1hr.