Rank math has replaced yoast for my client builds over the past two years now and I’m very happy with the results thus far. Rank Math is quick, user friendly and not an absolute whale of code to push around by the servers.

The clients now running Rank Math have experience with Yoast and they are happier with their experience so far as alot of people tell me Yoast is “too much” or needs a degree to use. Clients I have Rank Math deployed on work with SEO experts to populate, track and tag their pages I do not do that myself but I am responsible for setting up the best most capable tool.

Why Rank Math?

Free Features:

Premium Features:

Unfortunately I don’t have before and after speed test or load data to affirmatively say that Rank Math is faster but it’s highly recommended by me at the moment. If you’re considering moving to rank math please feel free to submit that request via your client portal!