September 19, 2019 / 9:24PM

Why I use Beaver Builder and not elementor or visual composer.

Let's understand the context of what I'm about to write about because it will help you understand.

When I start on a project with a client I always have an end goal of setting up a custom theme, built and designed by myself. The reason being exclusivity in coding, ease of modification and understanding of the code base. There are loads of themes, theme builders and people creating plugins and apps for WordPress but the key is understanding why and who to use. To answer a question I'm sure is burning in everyone reading this posts mind, yes I have used ALL of the building tools outlined in this post because alot of other websites run various tools.

The first step of a project is evaluation where I will access the administration panel of your website and determine what work will need to be completed to get the client to where they want to be at the end of the build.

Many clients I encounter have poor hosting packages and some form of Themeforest theme installed.  These themes are great cost effective options but if you have several authors or people adding content to them and poorly structured backend content/categories and page layouts they can be confusing to navigate update and manage.

Beaver Builder shines to me for two primary reasons as its the reason I have chose to use it on all my projects.

  1. The code base.
  2. Because of the way it interpolates the data in the WordPress backend

The code base

To start I custom write the scripts, css, html & php solutions for themes I create for my clients. This means I know every working component of the base level in the theme.

So using a client side drag and drop tool to enable less "code" savvy individuals to build, maintain or actively edit the website is a must. Beaver builder loads scripts and cached css sheets specific to the elements installed on their pages. Where as other's load the entire script and css set's regardless of if you use 1 or 100 modules. This can impact load times and of course SEO. My ultimate goal in developing a site is to keep file loads to a minimal, size to a minimum so paying attention to this is crucial.

The data interpolation

If you've worked on WordPress or themes or other drag and drop builders you know that the second you "deactivate" that theme the custom inline short codes used to make the page look the way it does remains behind in your data.

With Beaver Builder this does not happen. You deactivate the tool and your data appears clean and code free. This for me is great for transferring sites, keeping clean databases and of course keeping things easy for a client.

Wrapping things up,

To end things off working with Beaver builder is simple. There is a clean front end building experience for clients where what you see is what you get and this results in a positive and confidence inspiring experience.

I do recommend maintaining your files and paying annually for the licence as updates are frequent and code is kept immaculate. I'm very impressed with BB and have deployed over 10 sites this year alone using it.