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From WIX to WordPress CL Landscaping improved their online focus.

WIX might be cheap and quick to setup but its not ideal for some clients. Chris required a unique budget friendly solution that suited his need for several galleries with filters and other items. 

Building this with an assortment of plugins I migrated his content over from WIX to a standalone website. Chris now has a functioning quotation form letting him manage sales and conduct business at the same time. 


C.L.Landscaping required a solution that was not cost efficient for WIX. Wix fee's are low for hosting but they charge monthly for emails and an assortment of other items this client needed and the costs out weighed the benefits.

Implementing a new digital portfolio for CL Landscaping.

Initially working with Chris it was obvious that he was unhappy with his digital space. Unfortunately he did not get what he originally paid from the previous developer.

A requirement for all the websites I build is to utilize my Atlas theme. This theme architecture is engineered to enable you fast and fluent updates, changes or custom post types at a glance. This means incredible flexibility and of course turn around time.

Secondly clients are assured the comfort of knowing that everything we add in plugin wise or and items that break the website can be fixed and resolved immediately.

Fast load times, google my business integration keep Chris happy.

Business Card Chris 01 Business Card Chris 02

From WIX to WordPress.

  • Cancellation of WIX package
  • Acquisition of new hosting package
  • WordPress installation
  • SSL, yoast, security & page building platform
  • Import content to WordPress from WIX
  • Assembly and integration of multiple galleries
  • Google my business integration

Digital media and Stationary

Printed media, online distributed etc is nothing new. However building clients a media portfolio that matches their branding and helps them stick out from the pack can be challenging.

Chris and I worked together to get his branding aligned the way he wanted and then I digitized his concept into door hangers, business cards and for his web media.

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