An unprotected WordPress website that left my client stranded in DNS no mans land and failed email communications.

Five ways to avoid situations like Shop Every Day Hustle's!

1. Ask for the theme name.

A common mistake clients I work with fall victim of is getting a generic $25 themeforest theme for a $3000 or higher price tag. Clients are sold by the developer calling it a "custom theme!" when in reality it's a generic theme purchased and used time and time again.

My client was setup with a wordpress website utilizing a generic theme and promised it would be a high performing website for them. Sadly after less then a years worth of operation they were black listed no longer able to communicate with their customers and gmail plagued with spam hijacked injections.

My first rule of thumb is to ask clients "who" wrote the code for your theme? When working with my clients I know it was myself as I deploy my atlas framework on all builds. When you pay me to build your solution you're buying a hand tailored website.

If you choose to use a themeforest theme that is totally fine, I am not taking away from their quality or themes I'm highlighting the fact that you should be aware of what you're purchasing behind the scenes.

2. Google it.

Now that you have a theme name google it. If its a theme forest theme you now know the price the "developer" paid for it, it should be around $25. If they try to sell you on it's custom setup etc, don't buy into that.

3. Beware of plugins.

Self admittedly I am a beaver builder advocate. I use it do setup frameworks and website structure inside of my custom theme framework Atlas. I also use ninjaforms to handle custom forms and an assortment of other premium plugins to achieve what a client wants. A "custom theme" developer should not use a plugin for custom post types or other generic WordPress features which should be written into the functions of the core wordpress library, not only for security but flexibility and optimization.

Something clients never see is the work/code I write that removes unnecessary wordpress code from their site to improve load speeds, bloat etc. These are the reasons you're paying me to build your website. Integrating with hosts who offer cloudflare, CDN networks and more are crucial parts of standing up successful websites.

4. Question the platform!

Do your research on a developer, talk to past clients, look the developer up on linkedin. Ensure they have reputable feedback, testimonials etc. The feedback should be consistent on social media sources they choose to utilize for their business.

I highly suggest you look into the platform suggested. WordPress is an INCREDIBLE software one I use for 90% of my builds but if you're not technically savvy, willing to pay for monthly maintenance or have a web person on staff it might not be right.

5. After sale support

Quality is ahead of quantity in my operations. I ensure each build is deployed successfully in the clients eyes and they have a clear, organized and professional manual detailing passwords and transparency in accrued expenses.

If your developer is charging you to make edits to things in the initial scope of work thats an issue. If your developer is taking forever to get back to you, thats an issue.

Sadly other plugins have "monthly" fee's which get lost in translation and you fall into the vicious cycle of not knowing if you cease payment will the site break or fail. If that's the case connect with me and I'll help you trouble shoot.

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The hotfix.

Resolve emails, change platform, migrate client.

Blacklisted, victim of spam due to highjacked scripts and injections on the php core WordPress files Everyday hustle found they could no longer respond to customers order, inquiries or requests, emails were bouncing back and the troubles started to pile up.

Running on Greengeeks web hosting at the time with masked gmail addresses this setup was destined to fail from the start. Given the situation my client required to move back to shopify from a wordpress website. The process required a new server package, cancellation of the old server, domain acquisition and the cease of a domain transfer in progress.

Sadly the clients WordPress site was setup with no security, no restrictions and the backend generically setup with an assortment of free plugins known to be targeted by spam bots. Perhaps an oversight but this is not the first offence we've seen by this local developer. When working with opensource softwares its critical to work with a competent knowledgeable developer like myself.

The WordPress installation had no security running, a simple SSL on the domain through Greengeeks.

I was faced with two issues.

  1. The first how do I free up the client so they can once again sell, communicate with customers effectively.
  2. We need to increase their security.

Scalable, secure and stable.

The previous developer included the costs of a third party hosting package in her service charge. I never do this as I am not the physical owner of that hardware and things change including pricing, performance, software etc. To me this approach would never suffice for my type of clientele.

The resulting solution was to migrate the client to another host. A secure web platform with unlimited email addresses where the .com and .ca emails could live in harmony together. Disconnected from gmail these emails run exclusively on the server they live on. Secondly integrate a spam protection on these accounts. The decision was also made to move back to Shopify and use WordPress down the road if needed for a communication vehicle to customers. Shopify built on liquid has a different coding structure than WordPress and is targeted differently then wordpress.

Purchasing a .ca domain allowed us to clean up everything website wise, launch their shopify site again and open communication channels to the customers. The .com domain transfer was cancelled so the client can keep it where its needed. DNS routing for the emails enable the client to now operate their website on emails outside the shopify platform but do so from a simple email client interface.

Forget outages, downtime and those pesky 400 errors. Launch without fear, make money and leave your website up to me.

The end result.

Successful shop deployed, dns re-aligned and emails fully operational.

Sadly the client is now out the money they paid the former developer and the money it cost them to hire me to clean up, realign and set them up properly for successful ecommerce operations.

The client now has their emails segmented into proper business focused buckets and the team can focus on separating orders, inquiries, complaints etc. WordPress will be used in the future to create their blogging platform which will integrate with shopify store.

100% satisfaction and a client who can resume selling, connecting and doing what they do best, manufacture kick butt clothing!

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