T2 Utility Engineering

My role in the T2 Utility Engineers WordPress website redesign project was to update, modernize and rebuild a fully functional website. We migrated their 4.9.2 version of WordPress to 5.2.2 and implemented my custom written theme. Continue reading to see more.

Crafting a faster loading website with a clear layout giving visitors the information they crave.

This two part project was about lifting and shifting content to a new look and feel and to modernize T2's websites approach. Working with their parent company's marketing department we built the new website offering clean lines, modern code architecture and featuring a state of the art drag and drop builder.

Phase 2 coming soon!

It's all in the details.

Web Solutions

  • Analysis of Google Analytics & user data
  • Assisting in the upgrade to 5.2.2
  • Updates to existing theme
  • Implementation of plugin groups, setup and integration with current theme.
  • Migration of beta website to production environment.
  • Training and handoff to client

Signature plugins

  • Fresh installations of WordPress & setups (current version)
  • Updating existing wordpress website
  • Trouble shooting
  • Installation of new plugins and integration to current template
  • Ninjaform integrations
  • Integration of social media plugin to inject content into social profiles
  • Security updates & plugin installation/setup

seo & yoast

  • Yoast page updates & content integration on added pages
  • Yoast recommendations and simple updates to platform.
  • Beta phase for SEO integration project

Building a great website means understanding its market, intended audience and crafting an experience that initiates user engagement.

A user experience that works.

Rebuilding T2ue.com required a custom built theme for the sites architecture and the integration of several third party plugins to handle some arduous tasks. Utilizing my plugin base as the core foundation for the website's core components I worked on creating a focused website around the 90% of mobile web traffic that T2 draws.

The results

Alright time to rebuild, re-design, welcome to phase two.

Phase two of this project has already begun with a complete rebuild of their website using my core theme code base and integration of a bloat free page building tool. The goal is to get this website loading in under 2 seconds with a focus on a great mobile experience targeted to its inteded audience.

T2ue phase two updates will be coming in the near future.