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I started working with T2 prior to their merger and helped them backup, migrate and work with their existing framework. T2's current digital footprint was too costly and inflexible for business.

The future state is to greatly reduce expenses and further integrate media rich projects showcasing the talented work T2 does. Running on Atlas as the foundation the new site will showcase an assortment of new items.

2 - WS


3 - WS

Using atlas to build T2 a new digital footprint.

In this situation WordPress was not the right fit for this client. The client had little to know wordpress management experience and was pressured into spending more and more money with the "developer" who used a canned theme and plugin strategy with all their clients.

Projects, Services and Blogs.

  • Acquisition of new hosting package
  • Setup clients webmail & connect sales accounts
  • Cease shopify dns migration
  • Revert & update shopify settings to reflect clients new requirements
  • Update css and other client requests
  • Cancel clients old hosting site and consolidate items on new host
  • SSL certificate installed
  • Get clients URL unblacklisted
2 - WS


3 - WS

100% success client was open for business in less then 4 hours.

I am not entirely sure why the former developer wanted to switch from shopify in the first place. This client however in combination with the greengeek hosting package and their lack of WordPress knowledge and support fell victim to being hacked. The resulting action was their email was shut down sales halted and they had no support from the former developer.

Thankfully the client reached out to me in time and all was rectified and sorted out properly within a business day and the client was happily selling items online again. Most importantly their customers protected, their transactions over SSL and contained in Shopify.

All in all I was able to get this shop back online and the client out of the black listing. The key to marketing a client properly is understanding not just their vision but their skills, their needs and their end goal. A scalable platform is crucial but so is a clients hosting package. Looking for someone who understand more than just your budget feel free to contact me.

Going above and beyond for clients.

Part of a business relationship is trust. The other part of the relationship is reliability and accountability. When I work with clients I stick with my clients I am willing to ensure you're highest level of satisfaction.  Clients on my service ID's get 1 business day turn arounds guaranteed.

My ultimate goal with all clients that come on board is to consolidate, reduce and refine their digital footprint. There are many costs that can get lost and buyers can fear cancelling them or removing them later down the road for fear they will "break" something.

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