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Helping clients like Everyday Hustle sell securely.

Shop Everyday Hustle fell victim to an unprotected wordpress installation that had their domain name black listed and all business emails shut down, orders we're coming in but correspondence and customer service was left broken. What would you do?

Case Study

Consult on WordPress platform
Build online business strategy
Plan best plan of action to not lose customers
Migration in the planned direction

The beginning of this project was a planning phase to help Everyday hustle stop customer erosion due to a broken website and black listed email. Unfortunately the email black listed was their sales address and customers could not seek help nor could everyday hustle get the customers comments/feedback.

A consultation and review of the clients webspace yielded some major concerns from my perspective they are as follows:

  1. Client had no backups on their hosting package
  2. No cron job to backup clients work
  3. Forms without captchas/verifications (the root of the issue)
  4. No safety plugins or detection software's installed on the WordPress core
  5. A generic theme used by the previous developer which was just "molded" to fit. I am not a fan of this style of build for several reasons they are here.
  6. Woocommerce setup with client data.

Additional to these webspace issues the client had the following issues I was up against:

  1. Domain transfer initiated by the clients previous developer to a host I would not use.
  2. Client wasn't using their web mail via the host, also unaware of HOW to access the tools they were paying for.
  3. A ton of unanswered emails, inquiries and questions the client never even got due to the lack of communication/business process in their current digital space.
  4. Client needed this resolved asap due to sales erosion and public visibility of a broken website.

After this I needed to determine why the email was blacklisted, determine if ultimately the new website was the right decision for the client. Lastly they were relying on me to resolve this in a quick, cost efficient manner (the resolved yesterday kind).



Immediately stop the domain transfer
Review previous platform client was using (Shopify)
Eliminate ongoing expenses (hosting package, plugins)
Resolve email issues and outline how to access items
Move client to a reputable host and setup webmail
Include a safety net of some kind (server/web side)

The most critical of these was the domain in my mind. I was horrified to explore the clients past website/hosting package to find it had been issued approval to transfer to the new host (bluehost). After stopping this transfer the domain would remain where it was and I would integrate the new hosts webmail/dns settings to connect to WHC.

Now that the email systems we're repaired Everyday hustle could once again reach their customers, confirming orders, PO's etc.

After consulting and analyzing the clients platforms I recommended we switch back to shopify from the WordPress installation for several reasons:

  1. Client had no formal knowledge of wordpress and desired to self manage.

That is the only reason I needed to make this decision, if they have no fundamental knowledge of the WordPress core how could I expect them to succeed with Woocommerce? Simple, shopify it is.

I then connected Shopify back to the clients domain and dns settings and recommended the client cease their hosting package with blue host and terminate their contract with the former web developer as downtime, errors and issues with digital spaces are daunting and stressful to the ones managing business and I understand this.

Additional to the updates css, tweaks and shopify theme edits were made to accommodate the girls needs. The result?


Immediately stop the domain transfer
Review previous platform client was using (Shopify)
Eliminate ongoing expenses (hosting package, plugins)
Resolve email issues and outline how to access items
Move client to a reputable host and setup webmail
Include a safety net of some kind (server/web side)

I ended up delivering on all of the recommendations for the client. With a one day business turn around time to get everything rectified and fixed. Stressing the importance of good hosting, understanding what "managed hosting" means.

If you don't have experience with rudimentary server tasks or cpanel, mysql or other php settings this is critical for you.

Happy www folks!

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A project inquiry, a comment or a question, I'd love to hear from you!

From WIX to WordPress CL Landscaping improved their online focus.

WIX might be cheap and quick to setup but its not ideal for some clients. Chris required a unique budget friendly solution that suited his need for several galleries with filters and other items. 

Building this with an assortment of plugins I migrated his content over from WIX to a standalone website. Chris now has a functioning quotation form letting him manage sales and conduct business at the same time. 


C.L.Landscaping required a solution that was not cost efficient for WIX. Wix fee's are low for hosting but they charge monthly for emails and an assortment of other items this client needed and the costs out weighed the benefits.

Implementing a new digital portfolio for CL Landscaping.

Initially working with Chris it was obvious that he was unhappy with his digital space. Unfortunately he did not get what he originally paid from the previous developer.

A requirement for all the websites I build is to utilize my Atlas theme. This theme architecture is engineered to enable you fast and fluent updates, changes or custom post types at a glance. This means incredible flexibility and of course turn around time.

Secondly clients are assured the comfort of knowing that everything we add in plugin wise or and items that break the website can be fixed and resolved immediately.

Fast load times, google my business integration keep Chris happy.

Business Card Chris 01 Business Card Chris 02

From WIX to WordPress.

  • Cancellation of WIX package
  • Acquisition of new hosting package
  • WordPress installation
  • SSL, yoast, security & page building platform
  • Import content to WordPress from WIX
  • Assembly and integration of multiple galleries
  • Google my business integration

Digital media and Stationary

Printed media, online distributed etc is nothing new. However building clients a media portfolio that matches their branding and helps them stick out from the pack can be challenging.

Chris and I worked together to get his branding aligned the way he wanted and then I digitized his concept into door hangers, business cards and for his web media.

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D'Arcy Jenish

A long time client D'Arcy was looking to update and modernize his website. With dated copy and an out dated display of books D'Arcy was looking to modernize his website.

Crafting a website that will help D'arcy promote his books.

D'Arcy is an industry renown author who's written books about historical NHL and more. His latest book The Making of The October Crisis required a refreshed and updated website that helps him push his books.

His new contact form now routes inquiries directly to his email. Now D'Arcy can centrally manage his inquiries & website data all in one spot.


A content delivery platform.

WordPress work:

  • Analysis of Google Analytics & user data
  • Installation and update of WordPress code base to 5.2.2
  • Installation of new plugins
  • Migration to Beaver Builder
  • Security plugin installation & setup
  • Full content rebuild & image library rebuild
  • Integration of ninjaforms for D'Arcy to handle his inquiries and website data
  • Installation of my custom theme foundation code base
  • Utilization of AngularJS to help drive simple code updates/logic with a singular file update to site wide publishing
  • Custom post types used for books and various categories D'Arcy's business required. Helping him organize his data.

We built and turned D'Arcys website around in record time to help him meet his release date for his new book.

The results

Order a book from D'Arcy!

D'Arcy is a wonderful author of whom I've read two of his books. I highly recommend to any sports fan reading his NHL book and his newest book just released on his website here! Please feel free to leave D'Arcy feedback on his website through his contact form or enjoy reading about D'Arcy!



STO Direct

Migrating sto from opencart to wordpress had it's challenges especially how the data would be displayed, managed and published on a wordpress engine. The key? Angularjs.

Angular to the rescue.

Sto's project presented a few challenges from a development perspective. They formerly sat on an opencart (ecommerce) platform for ease of product setups and managements but we're looking to move to something more user friendly to update and manage their content.

Moving them from opencart to wordpress meant I needed to create a solution via code to enable pages to pull large data sets with part numbers and tables from a database. The result would be me creating an angular driven template that uses the page's part number to query the data from the catalogue database.

The users managing STO's website could then use beaver builder to build out the page, create stunning layouts etc and the data flow would be automated via angularjs.

Excel imported databases = automatic page updates to product tables!

Web Solutions:

  • Installation of WordPress
  • Installation & setup of all plugins
  • Front end built on beaver builder
  • Backend foundation written on my custom theme code base
  • Security plugin for files and server
  • Setup and design of product catalogue database enabling STO to import products directly via mysql for real time updates to the website product pages. This meant no need to arduously go through page by page updating part numbers & info.
  • Ninjaforms to gather data and feed it to STO team
  • Fully responsive design
  • Deployed on budget on time

Digital Media:

  • Brochure design
  • Sellsheet design
  • Bi-Fold Sell sheet for Chainsaw products
  • Updating & modernizing brand look and feel
  • Re-drawing STO logo to eps/vector
  • Business card update/design
  • Printing management services

seo & yoast:

  • Integration of SEO tool
  • Page data input to SEO tool
  • Google analytics deployed as well

Quality craftsmanship on the code means exceptional load times from a shared hosting package.

The results